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2020-09 Steve Kupec WoodWork-0039.jpg

“With WFH, I needed a desk with space. I started looking at desks that were mass produced, had little if any character, were of mediocre quality etc and even then they were pricey. I decided to ask Steve if he'd be able to make me something. Not only did he build a beautiful desk, it was made with the utmost attention to detail and quality.


It's sturdy and functional yet it's a piece of art that I admire daily. I plan to someday pass it on to future generations but for now it is mine all mine! If you're wanting quality, function and beauty, I highly recommend Living On The Edge.”

— Ashley B., November 2020

2020-08 Steve K. woodwork-1354.jpg

“We received this beautiful hand crafted charcuterie board as a wedding gift. The pictures don't do it justice. All of Steve's woodworking creations are unique and are done with highest level of craftmanship. Steve is a very personable entrepreneur and is willing to work with clients to create the perfect piece just for you. I highly recommend Living on the Edge Woodwork to anyone looking for any custom woodworking project.”

— Hope & Jeremy S., October 2020

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